My name is Ogo Anochirionye, I have recently finished my one week Mini-Pupillage at No Chambers that was arranged for me by the BLD. It was a very interesting and insightful week and I thought it appropriate to provide you with my feedback from the week.

For my first two days at the chambers I shadowed a senior barrister called Richard Moat on a two-day personal injury trial at the Royal Courts of Justice in Strand. Mr Moat was the most experienced barrister I shadowed during my week at No5 and seeing him in action during a trial, as well as talking to him one on one away from the court room provided me with some of the most illuminating experiences I had during the week. The confidentiality agreement I signed with No5 prevents me from going into specifics about much of what went on, but what I can say is that Mr Moat gave me a brief overview of the different areas of advocacy that No5 practices and some that other chambers are involved in, what it takes in his opinion to be a successful barrister, and some of his personal experiences within the Bar. Being able to benefit to even a small degree from the experiences of someone who has been in the profession for over 20 years is invaluable, and this was certainly one of the highlights of my time at the chambers.

On the Wednesday morning I shadowed a barrister called Edward Nicholson on an immigration appeal that was being heard in the Upper Tribunal in Field House on Fleet Street. Like the personal injury trial, this was my first time experiencing this area of the law and I learned a lot from this experience.

From Wednesday afternoon till the end of Thursday I assisted barristers called Victoria Hutton and Mark Bradshaw on two separate asylum cases. The case with Victoria involved me going to the Immigration and Asylum Hearing Centre in Hatton Cross, while the case with Mr Bradshaw took me back to Field House. Once again, I had not dealt with these types of legal matters before, so it was very interesting being able to be involved with these cases.

On my final day at No5 I was involved in another personal injury matter. This time it was a hearing that was being heard in the small claims court, once again at the RCJ in Strand. The acting counsel I shadowed on this case was Emma Corkhill. Miss Corkhill educated me further on how to get the most out of my mini-pupillage. She was very open to questions on the life of a barrister and answered many of my questions about the profession. On several occasions provided me with more information than the question I had asked required and for this I was very grateful. 

All in all, I had a very interesting and enjoyable week at No5 Chambers, and I am very thankful to BLD for giving me this opportunity.

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