The Middle Temple open day was great indeed. They really sold the Inn of Court to us all! 

We heard from a number of members of Middle Temple including barristers, a QC, a Judge, current BPTC students, and pupil barristers. They spoke to us about the many activities that take place at the Inn and the great deal of support and opportunities on offer. It was a good insight into life at the Bar, as they not only informed us about Middle Temple but also about a career at the Bar as a whole, including guidance on application processes, scholarships, and pupillage. The highlight of the day was a wonderful session by Bernard Richmond QC on advocacy and giving people a voice. Many of those I met on the day were friendly and down to earth even though they were in such accomplished positions, for example, I and Emmanuel Akale also on BLD Foundation’s Legal Launch Pad programme enjoyed an informal lunch in the garden with Her Honour Judge Claudia Ackner. 

I would definitely recommend the open day anyone interested in pursuing a career at the Bar. 

Rachael Owhin, LLP 2014

The day was good and very informative. There was a balance of speakers i.e. BPTC student; a pupil; barrister (newly qualified and practising for many years). 

I felt I gained a lot of information regarding deadlines and applications and some harsh realities. We were also informed about grants. 

We were informed about the 4 inns and the role of Middle Temple. There was a Q&A session after each speaker so we could ask questions relevant to them. I also had the opportunity to speak to one of the barristers. I would recommend any prospective lawyer to attend as it gave me an insight into how barristers actually work, even if they don't want to be a barrister.

Enayat Ahmed, LLP 2014


I arrived at the open day roughly one and a half hours after it had started so I thought that much of what was relevant to me had already been missed (the first item on the agenda was on routes towards qualification as a barrister). But this was not the case at all: I was lucky to be able to hear from individuals who had only just recently finished their vocational training and were just starting out - it was interesting to see how comfortable they were with advocacy and the skills they themselves thought were relevant to entering the very saturated profession. Amongst these were also the leaders of Middle Temple Students Association (MTSA) and the Middle Temple Young Barristers Association (MTYBA) so it was clear that they knew what they were talking about and could speak on behalf of their respective groups within their inn. 

It was also an event where I could gain some exposure to senior practitioners. I spoke at length with Her Honour, Judge Claudia Ackner who gave me an array of helpful facts and tips from how I could read through my cases efficiently to the way in which the profession is evolving. I think it was also a testament as to how barristers and judges are not as intimidating as they might seem from afar - they are people just like everybody else, just extremely clever. 

Aside from the inspirational talks and conversations that I received it was also really pleasant to be able to see the inn itself: its grounds, its inner walls and the people who are associated with it. I remember being so taken by the fact that Middle Temple had their name printed on all of the sandwiches that were served that I was sold then and there. It is truly a place that echoes culture and history - but one becoming more and more diverse! However, all of these wonders and attractions to one side, the day also highlighted the realities of the modern bar: a) Without stellar academics, it is very, very unlikely that you will obtain a place at the bar and b) trying to obtain a place will be extremely expensive - something that will be felt for a long time even if you were to gain a place. The latter issue is offset quite a bit by the scholarships offered by the inns and I met many students who were lucky enough to obtain one from Middle Temple as it takes much of the edge off. The Middle Temple open day was very insightful and enjoyable, I would say to anybody that has even the slightest inclination towards becoming a barrister: this event is an absolute must!

Immanuel Akale, LLP 2014

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