Legal Launch Pad Programme Training Session Two

My name is Nim Tank and I am currently studying the LPC full-time at the University of Law, Birmingham. I attended the second training session in Manchester hosted by DAC Beachcroft. The session developed 3 key skills required to become a successful lawyer; commercial awareness, negotiation and presentation.

Commercial awareness is the key skill sought by law firms. Therefore discussing current issues, e.g., the controversy regarding the Royal Mail share floatation with Edward Miller a partner at Reed Smith and Antonio Di Angelo a trainee was invaluable. Edward encouraged us to consider arguments from different perspectives, requiring us to ‘think outside of the box’. When he challenged our views, we soon became confident in explaining our opinions in a composed manner, which was great practice for interviews.   

Lawyers must be effective negotiators to obtain the best deal for their clients. Once David Jackson – a Director at Barclays – had provided guidance regarding negotiation strategies, we implemented different strategies for a successful negotiation. David shared his personal experiences of negotiating and emphasised the importance of using suitable strategies. The case study we used was realistic, quite complex and required us to use our commercial awareness. We were introduced to terms such as ‘retention’ and ‘earnout’ which added to our knowledge. Whilst watching negotiations take place on Dragons Den and The Apprentice is enjoyable, negotiating on the type of case we may encounter in practice was exciting, fun and developed our confidence.

Danielle Owens, Head of Recruitment at Shoosmiths, provided invaluable advice on how to deliver an effective presentation. We then worked in teams to deliver a presentation on a chosen topic before trainees and our peers. It was a great opportunity for us to perfect our presentation and public speaking skills. The trainees provided individual feedback on our strengths and weaknesses which was very useful, as we can now improve upon our weak points.

The training session has provided a foundation which I can build upon to develop these 3 key skills further. I now feel confident and comfortable to demonstrate such skills not only during my work placements, but throughout my legal career. 

Neelam Tank, LLP 2014

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