Barbara Likulunga

My name is Barbara Likulunga and I am currently doing my Legal Practice Course at BPP Law School in Bristol. The induction day was hosted by Barclays Bank and the BLD Foundation team ensured that everyone settled in well. I found the day very insightful, informative and inspirational. The speakers on the day were all profound and the advice they gave was invaluable. There is so much I took away from the event and if I were to write every detail it would end up in a three page essay! I shall therefore give just a brief overview of what I personally thought were the highlights of the event.

The day started with a talk from the founder of the BLD organisation Debo Nwauzu. One thing she mentioned that really stuck with me is that fear can cripple you and the importance of ‘de-cluttering’ your life. I feel sometimes as individuals we tend to fear the unknown and we continue doing something in the same way and expect different results. Hashi Mohamed later gave a session on how he became a Barrister and the importance of having a plan. Everyone has different experiences but the most important thing is developing self-awareness from that experience and using it to hone your strengths. Being a lawyer requires a lot of different skills and having self-awareness allows you the opportunity to ‘state your case’ and show what you as an individual can bring to the table.

The networking skills session was delivered by Sarmini Ghosh. I found it very beneficial because it highlighted just how important it is to network but more importantly, to never discount anyone you meet or speak to; including your peers as you never know what the future holds for anyone. The panel session by the Legal Launch Pad Alumni was encouraging because it was interesting to hear all the different journeys that previous LLP participants have taken, but it also gave me the reassurance that it is actually possible if you put your mind to it!

The main highlight of the day for me was the session delivered by Solomon Wifa. What I got from this was that if you focus on the negatives of the past you in turn create barriers for yourself. At the same time there is no point in making future plans if you are not making the most out of today. The time is now and if you make the most out of your time now; the future will automatically follow.

The day concluded with a networking session. It was nice to talk to people who are actually in the legal profession and interact with the other candidates on the programme. I feel very privileged to have been selected as an Ambassador for the Legal Launch Pad programme.  I left the event feeling more assured and confident in my pursuit for a legal career.  




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