TCTLJanuary 17th 2013.

Today BPP Law School hosted an Open Day for St Matthew Academy, as part of the Today's Children Tomorrow's Lawyers programme. 

15 pupils aged 15-16 took part in the day's activities which included a talk from criminal lawyer, Lizzie Hogben, on the path to take for a career in the law as well as criminal law as a subject and it's effect on daily life. Robert Hiscock, gave a talk on "Defamation in Tort" in which the students were given an insight into the subject with some well known case studies. This was followed by a talk on the benefits of Pro Bono and volunteer work.

Our student feedback for the event included the following comments.

"I had an amazing day. I've learnt so much about what lawyers do and what it takes to become one. I personally was considering becoming a lawyer and due to the amazing presentation/ open day I've decided it is a career I'd like to pursue in the future. Thank you for such a wonderful, interesting day."

Rosemary, St Matthew Academy.

"Very good!"

Michael, St Matthew Academy.

"I really enjoyed the speakers!"

Fleuranelle, St Matthew Academy.

"An excellent day! Informative and inclusive to all students. Students and staff were incredibly well cared for. All sessions engaged students and staff."

Paula, Careers Manager, St Matthew Academy.


The BLD Foundation would like to thank BPP Law School for hosting the day, and hope that St Matthew Academy enjoyed the day as much as we did.


If you would like to find out more about the Today's Children Tomorrow's Lawyers programme, please visit our TCTL page.

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