"Become a volunteer and support our work across at our various locations in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds.”

We are a small organisation with big goals and need as much help as we can get to support the people we are reaching out to.  You can help us by volunteering in different ways:

a) As a mentor – see our Mentor/Support section under Getting Involved

b) As an intern – from time to time we recruit graduate interns to support specific pieces of work that will help them develop skills and enable us to progress our work.  For details of opportunities, please refer to the Graduate Talent Pool website.

c) As an event helper – we promote our programmes and work through schools and universities throughout the UK to raise awareness and recruit to Legal Gateway Schemes.  If you can help presenting a talk, co-ordinating a stall at recruitment fairs or any other similar event, please contact us at Administration.  We can provide you with the materials and presentation slides to help you.

d) As a fundraiser – developing schemes and encouraging others to donate to the BLD Foundation.

For further details on volunteering please e-mail Administration (link to admin e-mail) or call us on 0203 170 8819.

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